County Prep’s Social Skills Club Attend Broadway Play

County Prep’s Social Skills students stepped into a magical world on an enchanting journey to the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway play on Wednesday, November 1.    This immersive theatrical experience included mesmerizing performances and breathtaking special effects which created an atmosphere that transcended the boundaries of traditional learning. This shared cultural experience ignited a passion for the arts, inspired creativity and self-expression. It was a very valuable work-based learning experience that exposed students to potential career pathways as well as a fun-filled, educational experience.

Pictures Attached Below....


SD - "It was exciting and awesome.......The special effects were pretty cool.  This was my first Broadway play."

JJ - "I loved this play.  I loved the visual effects, the plot, everything...."

SD - "It was amazing. It had magic in it, funny moments, and ghosts. It was lit."

BS - "Attending 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' was an amazing experience seeing how they brought certain effects to life. Also witnessing beloved characters in a new light and being part of the live theatrical magic made it an unforgettable moment for me and my peers. It was truly a breathtaking event."


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