County Prep’s Lynn Fedele to Co-Present at Urban Teaching Matters Conference, Rutgers Graduate School of Education

This Saturday, in New Brusnwick, NJ,  Rutgers University is hosting a one-day conference about issues affecting urban education, and County Prep’s Lynn Fedele will be co-presenting one of the workshops.
Rutgers is advertising the full-day program as, “Urban Teaching Fellows Program at Rutgers Graduate School of Education for Urban Teaching Matters, a conference by and for urban educators, designed for mutual exchange of ideas, support and inspiration.” 
The keynote speaker this year will be David Dante Troutt, who is a Professor of Law and Justice John J. Francis Scholar and the founding director of the Rutgers Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity. According to conference organizers, “He teaches, researches and writes about the intersections of race, class and place. His recent book, The Price of Paradise: The Costs of Inequality and a Vision for a More Equitable America (NYU Press, January 2014) explores the role that place plays into our thinking and how we have organized our communities to create or deny opportunity.”
Following Mr. Troutt’s keynote address will be morning and afternoon facilitated discussions on topics including: How do teachers influence policy and serve as advocates?; Does student-centered pedagogy look different in urban settings?; Schools are part of their local communities. What does this mean for us as teachers?; Literacy Strategies for Struggling Readers and Writers; and Classroom Management Strategies in Challenging Settings. 
Ms. Fedele will be co-presenting a morning discussion titled “How Are Assessments and Prescriptive Curricula Framing Our Teaching? What Can We Do About It?”
Registration for the conference, which runs from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, is available at:

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