County Prep High School Students Receive Awards at Hudson County Alliance of Teen Arts

Congratulations to the County Prep High School students who participated in this year’s Hudson County Alliance of Teen Arts. The visual art competition was held at The Bayonne Library from May 8th to the 13th.  
Kate Ascuas, a sophomore, won Tops Honors for her “Abandoned Building” photograph. The following students: Kiara Peguero (Junior), Cyril San Gabriel (Sophomore), Ashley Smith (Sophomore), James Brian Luistro-Abad (Junior), Karolina Minkiewicz (Senior), Arieliz Ramos (Sophomore), Almira Mae Cayaban (Junior), and Yasmin Mamur (Junior) all received Judge’s Awards for their photographs. From Graphic Arts, a senior, Nelly Pacheco also won a Judge’s award for her work. Students Kathryn Kennedy (Junior), April Kibalo (Junior), Ralph Santiago (Junior), Ysabelle Abis (Junior), Kelvin Rhaburn (Junior), Claire Ryan (Junior), Giancarlos Miranda (Junior), and Carla Lizano (Senior), who all major in Graphic Arts, and recently participated in a Vans Sneaker Competition received Judge’s awards for their sneaker designs.
Works by Nelly Pacheco and Banni Anand (Senior) from Graphic Arts will also be submitted to NJCU for a Judge’s award. The following photographers-Syan Iannaitelli (Senior), Destiny Kenny (Junior) and Jennifer Ngo (Sophomore) will also submit their works to NJCU for a judge’s award.

Ms. Mendolla, Ms. Rubio, and Mr. Patten would like to congratulate all the contestants who participated in the 2017 Teen Arts Competition!

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