County Prep High School Students Participate in Culinary Student for a Day at HCCC

Chef Palsi's junior and senior culinary arts students visited Hudson County Community College on Wednesday, September 27 to participate in their “ Culinary Student for the Day" program.  Chef Puc demonstrated a culinary lesson on how to prepare different types of meats.  The trip provided an opportunity for high school culinary students to interact with experienced chefs and faculty members. This direct engagement allowed them to seek guidance, ask questions, and receive insights into the culinary industry from seasoned professionals enhancing their understanding of the field. Visiting a culinary college exposes students to industry-standard practices, including food safety, kitchen organization, and teamwork. Understanding and implementing these practices early on can instill a strong foundation of professionalism that will benefit students in their future culinary endeavors.  The trip served as a bridge between high school and higher education. It helped familiarize students with the college environment, teaching methods, and expectations, thereby better preparing them for a future culinary education should they choose to pursue it.  Overall, it was an invaluable work-based learning experience that defined a potential career option for our students.

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