County Prep Dance Class Performs Downtown Jersey City

The County Prep High School Dance Program was a featured event in the September 11 JC Fridays Festival, a citywide festival of arts and culture. The Dance III class organized a structured dance improvisation, using the space and architecture of the city as inspiration for movement. The dance began at the Grove Street end of Newark Avenue and traveled through the new pedestrian plaza. Audience members included those who had come to watch the dance, as well as those just passing through. The response was one of surprise and fascination, including moments of personal connection. One passerby stopped her commute, staying until the end to thank the dancers for reminding her how joyful dancing can be. The 15 minute piece, entitled Four Hundred and Seven Movements, was a testament to the collaboration that is encouraged in the County Prep dance studio – room 407, and also symbolic of the deep connection the program has to the Jersey City community. Ms. Warfel Sandler, director and teacher of dance, has been an active member of the Jersey City arts community for over 15 years, as both visual and performing artist. She is proud to connect her professional colleagues with this next generation of creative people. The performance also marked the beginning of the County Prep Dance Program’s 15th year, which will be celebrated throughout the year with special performances and events. See the County Prep Dance page for updates and information.

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