The Fashion Students Bring Frightening Fashion to County Prep

The Fashion Students Bring Frightening Fashion to County Prep

The Spooky season and Halloween-themed fashion trends and ideas are in full swing at County Prep. Although it’s no secret that black is a perennial favorite of the fashion set, with Halloween looming large, we’re taking the occasion to look back at the bewitching icons of the past, including zombies, werewolves, and mummies. Whether polished...Continue reading

Back to School Wear

Fashion students at County Prep High School have created back-to-school-themed garments

The school uniform has unexpectedly made a statement in recent trends. Once considered stuffy and restrictive in its dress code ethics, the ensemble has surprisingly found its roots in fashion through designer runway collections, surging styles, and pop culture. There is something for everyone on display in County Prep’s Mall area: dresses, pleated skirts, vests,...Continue reading

Alumna Simone Womack

County Prep High School and Explore Middle School Alumna Simone Womack hosts her first fashion show

Simone graduated from County Prep as a fashion major in 2017, attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and is presently working as a style advisor for Aritzia while at the same time launching her own brand, “Shama.” During her time at County Prep, Simone was awarded multiple medals from FCCLA fashion competitions. Simone...Continue reading

County Prep Fashion Design Students Create Valentine’s Day Themed Window Displays

County Prep students were able to implement their knowledge of visual merchandising by creating Valentine's Day themed window displays. Visual merchandisers know when love is in the air it can only mean one thing: it’s time to celebrate. There’s no better occasion to get all dressed up than Valentine’s Day. The fashion students designed beautiful...Continue reading

Culinary Arts Students Team Up with Fashion Students at County Prep for a Monster of a Project

Culinary Arts and Fashion Design students partnered to create a collaborative project using a fun and playful monster theme. Chef John Palsi, Culinary instructor, and Ms. Janet Patten, Fashion Design instructor, are proud of how the students were able to put their creative minds together. Keeping in mind elements and principles of design, teams discussed...Continue reading

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