The Hudson County Board of Freeholders Commends and Honors County Prep Senior Dimitri Rodriguez

The Hudson County Board of Freeholders commends and honors Dimitri Rodriguez on his inspiring “Teens for Jeans” Drive to raise awareness for youth homelessness.
Dimitri Rodriguez, a senior at County Prep High School, has spearheaded and managed a successful and inspiring clothing drive for homeless youth in Hudson County.
Teens for Jeans is a national campaign in partnership with Aeropostale and, the largest not-for-profit organization for young people and social change, that encourages young people across the country to help provide clothing for youth experiencing homelessness.
Over a million young people experience homelessness in the United States every year and one of the most requested items that young people in homeless shelters ask for is a pair of jeans.
As part of Dimitri Rodriguez’s Teens for Jeans campaign, several drop-off bins were placed throughout Hudson County including County Prep High School, local libraries and City Halls. Members of the community were encouraged to drop off their jeans at Hoboken and Bayonne City Hall during the duration of the drive. As the drive came to a close, 830 pairs of jeans had been collected for distribution to youth experiencing homelessness.
As a frequent volunteer at the Hoboken Shelter, Dimitri Rodriguez was able to witness many people who are homeless. He observed that some teens were not as fortunate as he was and many lacked basic clothing such as jeans. By running the drive, Dimitri Rodriguez hopes it will give youth in need a chance to fit in with everyone else.
Dimitri Rodriguez is an active and involved citizen in the County of Hudson who volunteers at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Liberty Science Center and several local festivals.
Chairman E. Junior Maldonado along with the Hudson County Board of Freeholders commend Dimitri Rodriguez for his successful and inspiring “Teens for Jeans” drive to raise awareness for youth homelessness. They also extend their appreciation to Dimitri Rodriguez for his service to the County of Hudson.

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