On June 10, Mr. Bejerano’s Spanish Class performed for the first time several Spanish Symtalk presentations. Conducted by student team leaders at County Prep High School, the program can be explained as the following:
“Symtalk is a visual language learning methodology that delivers astonishing results immediately. Symtalk is a picture system and each picture represents a word in the target language. What makes Symtalk unique is that the pictures represent all parts of speech. Pictures are introduced and practiced in the context of a complete sentence. Students will learn vocabulary and grammar in context and have fun interpreting the self-explanatory pictures”.
 Ms.Toni Ann Mendolla attended the event and shared with students her approval and satisfaction for the success, “Congratulations and keep going!”

“I use Symtalk learning system in my Spanish Class as a language resource and you could see how quickly students learn using those symbol cards.…” said Mr. Bejerano.

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