County Prep’s Theatre Arts Students Perform in the Seventh Annual Improv Show and Fundraiser on April 1st, 2022

Only two weeks after our very successful run of Heathers, the High School Edition, County Prep Theatre Arts improvisers performed in our seventh annual Improv show, which consisted of skits created through improvisation by the Improv club and some live improvisation created with audience participation. The audience picked places and relationships, gave quotes from movies to be integrated in the games, and gave ideas as to which turn a skit could take.

The members of the Improv club Seniors Jaden Misaro, Michelle Oshiro, Ethan Barragan, Tatyana Serrato and Fred Veloz, Sophomores Divya Shivkumar, Leamarye Flores and Sinjin-Kai Bernardo were joined by Freshmen Farida Wahby, Aylah Dornbos, and Lily Aviles. Some of the performers also wrote scripts: Michelle Oshiro, Sinjin-Kai Bernardo and Maylyn Garcia, some of the highlights being: The Wedding, Demon Slayer, Powerpuff Girls, RPG and Video Game Avatar Updates.

The improvisers won the heart of the audience performing games such as Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Movie Review, Taxi, and What Happens Next?

Ms. Shields is extremely proud of her extraordinary creative improvisers as well as the technical crew of the evening; student lighting, and sound technicians, Junior Phoenix Campbell, and Seniors Alani Robberts and Chase McBride, and our house manager Aurora Shields.

Thank you to all performers and crew for such a fun performance!

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