YTTW Stagehand Apprenticeship Program - Accepted Students

YTTW Stagehand Apprenticeship Program – Accepted Students

After Greg Hanconx and Carolyn DeWolf from the Youth Transitions to Work (YTTW) StageHand Technician Program presented this non-traditional pathway to our students, Alani Roberts, Miguel Acevedo, Brandon Nocelotl, and Ethan Barragan from County Prep and Jesse Martinez from High Tech High School were so intrigued by this  "LEARN WHILE YOU EARN" opportunity they decided to test for the program.  All five students passed the entrance exam with flying colors which qualified them for the next step in the process.  Upon submitting and dazzling the program coordinators with their essays as to why they want to be in the program and why they should be selected, they proceeded to the next level of the process including two site visits.  One trip was to Carteret PAC on May 23 where they spent the morning in a theater witnessing firsthand what really happens backstage.  The next trip was to PRG Lighting on May 31 where they learned about the equipment required for performances to be successful.  Despite the competitive process, all 5 students have been accepted into the program.  They will start training immediately after high school graduation as they embark upon a career in the entertainment industry.   Congratulations to our students!
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