Students Perform 1st French Workshop-Play at County Prep High School

For the first time at County Prep, 9th grade students from French classes performed a Workshop-Play Oh lã lã Café Français” in the ITV-ROOM.  On April 8th, Principal Ms. Mendolla along with others administrators, staff and students from different classes attended the show.  Mr.Bejerano who conducted the presentation explained, ” This is not a real Workshop, nor is it a play; it is a little bit of both. We wanted to show something different in order to break the daily routine. Also, we wanted to share how engaged the students are in French classes and how they enjoy demonstrating their abilities to communicate using a foreign language.” 

   Mr. Bejerano thanked the following staff and administrators who supported this project: Ms. Barbara Mendolla—School Principal, Michele DiSanto— Secretary, Mr. Wilkis Figuereo and Mr.Kyle Matthews-Audio Tech. and Music Teacher, Ms. Nicole Pica, TV Production, Mr. Francisco Pereira, Art Teacher, Mr. Joseph Delesky, Chef -Culinary, Mrs. Janet Patten, School Store, Mr. Kevin  Rodriguez, Kitchen Staff and Mr. Justin Josiah, Kitchen Staff.

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