Performing Arts Skills USA Competition Awards Gold Medal to County Prep Theatre Arts Students

Seniors Sirena Morales and Faith Riscoe and Juniors Tyla Gibson and Dynajah Smith participated in a Performing Arts Skills USA Competition on March 23 in Sussex County.

The purpose of this contest is to evaluate each team’s critical thinking, analysis, communications, writing, marketing, performance knowledge and skills as they relate to the field of Theatre and the Performing Arts. The students wrote and performed a 7-minute scene that had to incorporate a tableau reflecting the painting “Four Girls” by August Macke. As Dynajah, who played the role of Museum Guide, explained to the judges — this was an opportunity to raise awareness about a serious topic in our society, sexual abuse in orphanages. The scene was emotional, stunned the audience and even brought tears to their eyes. It was rewarded with the Gold medal at the award ceremony on April 13th in Bridgewater, NJ. Ms. Shields is incredibly proud of the students’ achievement and is looking forward to more meaningful performance opportunities for her students.

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