National Job Shadow Day a Success for County Prep Students

National Job Shadow Day – Monday, February 3, 2020

On Monday, February 3rd, Ms. Rubio’s graphic design class and Ms. Pica’s audio visual students  participated in a Job Shadowing event at Wiley & Sons located in Hoboken, New Jersey sponsored by Junior Achievement.  Upon arrival, Mr. Jesse Wiley welcomed the students and spoke about the history of Wiley & Sons which is an educational publishing firm that offers an array of educational products. The students participated in a Panel Discussion  which provided an opportunity for a Q&A with practicing professionals representative of different career trajectories within Wiley. The students interacted with employees to seek advice and guidance in preparation for their  post-secondary aspirations.  Wiley & Sons’ employees shared their personal experiences as to their expected and yet unexpected career pathways. There was a presentation on Graphic Design and UX  for Digital Education which focused on Digital Management & the Next Generation of WileyPlus.  Before the day concluded, the students participated in “5 Minute Speed Interviews” with employees resulting in being interviewed multiple times by different employees.  The “lightning round” of interviews was designed to give students a flavor for different interviewing styles and questioning techniques.  Overall, County Prep students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and now have an increased awareness of potential career opportunities within Wiley & Sons.  A special thank-you is extended to Ms. Rubio and Ms. Pica for preparing their classes for the program and chaperoning the event. 

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