Marisa Syed Recognized as "2023 Women of Action" Award Recipient for Jersey City

Marisa Syed Recognized as “2023 Women of Action” Award Recipient for Jersey City

County Prep High School’s Marisa Syed has been chosen as a 2023 Women of Action award recipient for Jersey City! Marisa Syed is also a graduate of Explore Middle School and is currently a Medical Science Senior at County Prep High School.

Each March, our council members select extraordinary women leaders to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments in community leadership. This year, the Jersey City Council selected Marisa Syed.

Marisa is currently the executive director of the Justice Education Project, an organization that educates, empowers, and encourages youth to create reform within the American Justice System. Marisa has helped in publishing a book (featured in Teen Vogue), as well as hosted a workshop with the NY ACLU about the intersection of Criminal Justice and Technology. She helped collect over 10,000 menstrual products for correctional facilities throughout the country. She is one of the founders of "Engage the Encaged," an organization within Jersey City that strives to increase literacy rates at the Hudson County Correctional Facility and implemented a donation box for books. She currently interns under Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey where she helped write resolutions and hosted rallies for reproductive rights. Marisa was also chosen as a finalist for the Coca-Cola scholarship.

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