Culinary Arts Students Team Up with Fashion Students at County Prep for a Monster of a Project

Culinary Arts and Fashion Design students partnered to create a collaborative project using a fun and playful monster theme. Chef John Palsi, Culinary instructor, and Ms. Janet Patten, Fashion Design instructor, are proud of how the students were able to put their creative minds together. Keeping in mind elements and principles of design, teams discussed various options for their monster design. Students executed their idea in one of two forms -- Fashion students using fabrics and sewing skills and Culinary Arts students achieving texture and appeal in a baked product.

This cross-curriculum project is in line with the latest trends; many top fashion designers are teaming up with world-renowned chefs of the hottest restaurants to draw in fashion and food connoisseurs. Using this technique as a marketing strategy is beneficial for everyone involved.

Student teams were:
Giselle Garcia /Neiliani Hernandez
Samantha Lopez/Leilany Amaya
Isaiah Ortiz/Briana Ziff
Justin Parrenas/Bianca Gerardi
Ashley Persaud/Isabella Esquea
Nayalie Ramirea/Allen Sunga
Giana Roman/Isabella Reyes
Nhu Tang/Madison Roman/Emmetta Gadsden
Britteny Steen/Konika Sarkar

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