R-E-S-P-E-C-T: County Prep High School Recognizes Week of Respect

The County Prep community recognized the first week of October as the Week of Respect.  Instructors incorporated a project or lesson with their students. Many displayed or presented their projects.  Here are just a few of the activities teachers facilitated in their classrooms.

Mr. Marie’s French I created a mosaic of posters illustrating people from the different countries and cultural items from those countries where French is spoken. Each country can be identified by their flag on the T-shirt of the little character on each poster.
The class of French III was charged to work on a translation of the following slogan that summarizes the French I mosaic: “Different cultures, one common language : French Respect.” The intent is to have “French” barred to express that “Respect” is the actual common language among all those diverse countries. They worked collectively to find the proper translation and then were individually in charge of a segment of the slogan to illustrate.
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