County Prep’s Student Council Hosts 2nd Annual Game Night

Game Night was held by County Prep’s Student Council on Friday November 17, 2017. Coordinated by a diligent team of juniors, the event bustled with exhilaration as flocks of attendees participated in a selection of engaging and entertaining games including Ninja, Just Dance 2018, and Jenga with Charades. Compelled participants were infused with a healthy dose of fun as they flooded the cafeteria. Sensations of laughter, elation and frustration resonated across the cafeteria as attendees hustled to best their friends and win tickets to participate in raffles for prizes that were distributed at the end of the event. Prizes including a Polaroid Camera bundle, Spotify Premium Gift Cards, and various toys could be won by participants of the raffle, further stimulating the competitive – yet fun – atmosphere at the event.
The event was the second Game Night held by CP’s Student Council. Much like the first event, the second variation was equally successful and enthralling. The event provided students an opportunity to hang out with their friends in an arcade-like atmosphere for the bargain of $3 per ticket. It also gave them a chance to win numerous prizes and interact further with their student body. It was a gathering of students across all classes desiring to experience the thrill of competition as well as leisure, and that is certainly what they got. The event buzzed into the evening hours of six-o’clock with no sight of deteriorating engagement. Students raucously flocked to their buses upon conclusion of the event, discussing the games and joy experienced at their hangout during Game Night.

The team of juniors who coordinated the event affirmed, “The people that came enjoyed the event, even the volunteers, who helped to coordinate games held at the event.” The event was similar to a casino, where people enjoyed a variety of games.”
The winners of the prizes raffled off at the end of the event were Andrew Kibalo (Grade 9), Ana Ramos (Grade 10), and Nicole Collaguazo (Grade 9). Andrew won a Chilltown State backpack, a stuffed Yoshi and Mario. Nicole won a Chilltown State backpack, a Bulbasaur stuffed animal and a funko pop of Rey from Star Wars. Lastly, Ana Ramos won a blanket and a Bulbasaur stuffed animal. Finally, all Raffle Winners won a $10 Spotify Premium Gift Card.

By Omkar Ghenand

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