County Prep’s Culinary Arts Take on the Next Food Network Show

Students' Work

Sweet Tooth
Chef Chloe Tiangsang
Producer Emelynn Tavarez

 Bake It till you Make it !!!
Chef Dominic Vaughn
Producer Michaela Garrett

 The Munchies
Chef Lucas Sanchez
Producer Stephanie Inciso

Mi Food
Episode Mi Shrimp Cocktail
Chef Abril Montes
Producer Martin Scorsese

Michaela Live
Chef Micheala Garrett
Producer Dominic Vaughn

Easy one pan Meals
Chef Maleki Lynn
Producer Andrea Messina

It seems the Food Network is looking for a new show to add to the network. So County Prep’s Chef Collins and his Culinary Class decided to create a new show to send the network. The project consisted of the following:

  • Working with a student producer
  • Choose a topic for the show
  • Write a script in detail
  • Culinary Vocabulary words and descriptions used in the presentation must be present
  • Record and edit the video
  • Display the recipe
Check out the students' work! Be sure to send your votes to Chef Collins on which show you would like to see featured on The Next Food network Show!

Bon Appetit!

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