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County Prep Theater Arts performs Heathers, the High School Edition

In its tenth year, the after school Theater Arts class has brought a new performance opportunity to County Prep students, who are learning both performance and rehearsal practices, and are encountering first hand all of the aspects of professional theater. Once again, the show had complete live accompaniment, by renowned pianist Craig Ketter, Sophomore drummer Abbey Cruz, and award winning saxophonist Isaac Ketter, under the direction of our multi talented Musical Director, Valerie Gonzalez. The show was choreographed by County Prep Alumnus Mr. John Hines, and was directed by Ms. Raluca Shields.

This year, the students focused on rehearsing and performing Heathers, The High School Edition, a musical high school students relate really well too. It’s about the high school environment, the bullies, the jocks, the popular girls and most importantly the kids who are struggling, trying to fit in. One such teenager is Veronica, who thinks the Heathers will help her make friends and have a good high school experience. Heather is the girl everyone wants to be. Heather is beautiful, smart but oh, so mean. That’s how Heather Chandler rules Westerberg High. Veronica Sawyer is quite the opposite, and she has heart, but she wants nothing more but to be like Heather. All this unravels as JD, the new kid at the school decides that the rule of Heather is over. What follows is a whirlwind, but in the end somehow this story changes the students. They learn to be friends again, and to accept who they are. They learn that no matter what happens to them, they’re responsible for how you react. It’s up to you to make the world a better place.

This piece was chosen to showcase our talented performers this year, who really touched the audience deeply, left so many in tears after each performance. Seniors Emely Rivera, Tatyana Serrato, Mathew Segovia and Khira Fried starred as Veronica, Heather Chandler, JD and Heather McNamara. In supporting roles, the following students performed: Freshmen Farida Wahby as Heather Duke, Andrew Morgado as Ram, Jillian Vega as Martha, Sophomore Eileen Berger as Kurt, and Senior Yasmin Rodriguez as Ms. Fleming and Cinthia Perez as Ram’s Dad and Hipster Dork. The cast also included Senior Jaden Misaro,  Junior Greta Bumas, Sophomores Olivia Marum, Abigail Burch, Shalma Lopez, and Freshmen Elanie Benitez, Madison Hinds, Isabella Conde, Tatiana Younger, and Melanie Feliz. Our amazing dance ensemble consisted of Sophomore Leamarye Flores, Junior Destiny Figuereo and Senior Kassandra Esparra. Special recognition also goes to lighting technician Junior Phoenix Campbell, sound technician Chase McBride and Back Stage Technicians Seniors Ethan Barraban and Alani Robberts, under the guidance of our Technical Director Lance A. Michel and our Stage Manager Senior Megan Wasserman. Our costume designer Senior Yvette Cruz worked tirelessly on the costumes under the guidance of Ms. Warfel, who also helped with the design of the set.

NY Conservatory of Dramatic Arts awarded Mathew Segovia, Khira Fried, Emely Rivera and Tatyana Serrato each $10,000 scholarships and also $1000 scholarships were awarded to Yasmin Rodriguez, Eileen Berger, Andrew Morgado and Jillian Vega.

Ms. Shields and Ms.Gonzalez are very proud of all of the cast and crew whose work has developed through our premiere rendition of this musical.

Heathers, the High School edition was presented through special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

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