County Prep Students Travel to Italy, France and Spain

County Prep Students Travel to Italy, France and Spain
     Over Spring Break, under the guidance of Mrs. Karen Horan, County Prep students embarked on an educational field experience in Europe accompanied by chaperones Ms. Stacie Wein, Mrs. Alicia Abraham, Ms. Bianca Torres, Mr. Jason Carey and Mr. Thurman Carey. In the past the students visited France and the Francophone European countries Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. This year the students stepped outside of the Francophone realm of Europe and, in addition to France, visited the countries of Italy and Spain.
     Students used the French and Spanish languages in a live setting; from reading signage on the streets to asking questions about items on a menu and then ordering lunch or dinner, students demonstrated comprehension of oral and written instructions connected to daily activities. They were completely immersed in the native tongue which stimulated and engaged their oral comprehension.
     In addition to experiencing the different aspects that are indicative to specific cultures, the group engaged in other unique opportunities. They learned about the art of leather in Florence, Italy, visited a perfume factory and learned the process of how perfume is made in Grasse, France, and discovered the history of bull fighting at a famous stadium in Madrid, Spain. Historical sites, great works of art and different landscapes of various regions were seen throughout the three countries.
    The educational European field experience encourages the interaction with people of another culture. 
The itinerary was filled with activities that align with the French, Spanish, History, Art, Chemistry, Culinary Arts,   Life Skills, and Physics curricula. Students were able to take what they have learned in
the classroom and apply it in real life.
     The County Prep French Club is now looking forward to the 2016 European Tour which will include the countries of England, France and Italy. For more information about the trip Mrs. Horan can be reached at

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