County Prep Students Participate in Junior Achievement Finance Park Program

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, approximately 58 County Prep students participated in a financial literacy program entitled “Finance Park” sponsored by Junior Achievement. County Prep students were privileged to visit Junior Achievement’s brand new state-of-the-art facility located in Edison, NJ.  The students engaged in an intensive, high-energy immersion learning experience in which they received a fictional life situation and created a balanced monthly budget.  The activities reinforced NJ’s Core Curriculum Content Standards while focusing on important elements of money management and career exploration.  The event boosted the students’ confidence in making smart academic and economic decisions.  
Student Testimonials:  
“I learned that my parents do a lot for me as far as paying for my food and clothes and all my luxuries and my basketball. This will help in the future when planning my budget!” – Cody
“Today, I learned the importance of planning ahead to better secure my future financial status.” – Genniel
“I learned that life is going to get more stressful and harder as you grow up. There are going to be the good things and sad things. It’s a lot of work handling money and budgeting but you just gotta hang in there.” – Emily
“I learned how to manage money and how to save and invest in things that can be valuable in the future!” – Makaylah
“I learned about the importance of budgeting your money and how it’s important to spend money on necessities first than luxuries.” – Delana
“I enjoyed the experience, and I hope in the future I get better at managing my finances.” – Jadan
“I learned that once you have a family you need to budget even more to fit yours and their needs!” – Maria

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