County Prep Students Participate in 2016 Harvard Model Congress

Model Government HMC 2016

The County Prep’s Model Government students descended upon Boston for the 2016 Harvard

Model Congress late last month.  Almost 1500 students from across the globe met for four days

to take part in a hands-on simulation of American Government, in fact the largest model

government simulation in the world.   As Senators, members of Congress, G20 members, and

even Presidential Cabinet Members, County Prep’s Model Government delegates crafted bills,

testified, lobbied, campaigned and voted on legislation aimed at tackling some of our Nation’s

current challenges and issues.

President Bill Clinton sums it up best, “Working to empower America’s youth,

preparing them to be the leaders and thinkers of the future, the Harvard Model

Congress has provided many of our country’s brightest scholars with invaluable

lessons in statecraft.”

One of County Prep’s delegates, Gerard Bello described his participation as “probably one of

the greatest experiences of my high school career. Not only did I get to travel to the great city

of Boston, but I got to discuss real world issues that are very passionate to me.”

All of County Prep’s Model Government students who attended HMC 2016 expressed similar

views.  It is an event that is educational, inspires civil discourse and allows for a great deal of

fun and interests while do so!
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