County Prep Student Council’s Haunted Hallway a Success

On Thursday, October 29th, 2015, County Prep High School’s art club along with the help of Student Council organized the first ever Haunted Hallway. The students worked under the assistance of the art teacher, Mr. Pereira, to plan this event. Many students participated in the Haunted Hallway by helping decorate, act, and photograph this event. Over thirty students contributed by offering their unique skills in hair and makeup, set up, and acting. The Haunted Hallway received positive responses from students and staff as they strolled through the hallways in fear of what might pop up next. Mr. Pereira succeeded in pulling off County Prep’s first ever Haunted Hallway in such a short amount of time gaining admirable reactions from students and staff. County Prep will be looking forward to what next years Haunted Hallway will bring!

By: Krishna Patel and Snehal Patel

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