County Prep Senior Vanessa Saiboo Signs with Felician College

County Prep Senior Vanessa Saiboo has reached a goal that she set for herself as a young girl. Since the age of seven she has been running cross country track and is now looking forward to running on the collegiate level. This month Vanessa signed with Felician College to be part of their Cross Country Track and Field Team. She has received both academic and athletic scholarships to attend Felician College on a full ride. Pictured here are Vanessa’s mom, Ishwattie Saiboo, and her Snyder High School Track & Field coach, Robert Arena, who were present for the signing. This season Vanessa is #4 in the State for Steeplechase and #1 in Hudson County for Steeplechase; she also broke Synder High School’s record for Steeplechase. Principal Ms. Barbara Mendolla and the entire County Prep community congratulate Vanessa on her accomplishments and wishes her well on her new endeavors.

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