County Prep Senior, Joseph Marto, Ready With the Plow

County Prep senior, Joseph Marto, was ready to help his neighbors in North Bergen and Jersey City shovel out from the recent nor’easter which produced a near record-setting snowfall. As shown in the photo, Joe refitted a go-cart and attached a mini-plow to the front. Joe plowed crosswalks and made the sidewalks more passable on the streets around his home where he lives in North Bergen. Joe performed the same service in the area surrounding Pershing Field in Jersey City where he works part-time as a skating guard at the ice rink. Joe has been taking care of his neighbors this way for five years and is a man for all seasons. In the spring and summer, the plow comes off and a broom is attached to sweep the same areas. In the fall, Joe swaps the broom for a leaf blower. Joe enjoys doing community service because he says “it makes me feel better about myself when I help people.” Another advantage for Joe is the workout he gets from his efforts since the go-cart is pedal driven. Before County Prep went virtual, Joe could also be seen helping out in Mr. Palsi’s culinary class. Joe’s volunteerism has been recognized by the mayors of both cities who have visited him on his rounds. Joe’s career goal is to serve his community on a professional level by becoming a fire fighter or police officer.

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