County Prep Science Student’s Account Of Valuable Field Trips

My Environmental Science class with Ms. Rose participated in three field trips during November and December at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ. While we were there, we helped clear the new trail they’re making as a part of the Natural Area Restoration Project. This entailed raking leaves and moving large sticks and branches that were in the way of the trail. On the first field trip, we decided where the new trail should go. Once we decided the path, we put stakes down to outline the trail. Then we raked all the leaves and debris that were in the way to clear the trail.  On the following field trip, we picked up all the bigger sticks and branches that were in the way of the rest of the trail. We also cleaned up  garbage that was left on the beach. We’ve all had to learn to work together and cooperate to help with this project. Even though there were some obstacles, we overcame them together as a class to better our environment.
-by Candida Rodriguez

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