County Prep French Classes Celebrate Valentine’s Day

On February 14, all students from Mr. Bejerano’s French classes organized and presented a class fashion parade in County Prep ITV-ROOM, "A French defile de mode." Being asked about this unique show, Mr. Bejerano said, “We created a fashion show all in French. Students each took turns being the commentators and the models. In this event students had the chance to describe each other's outfits using demonstrative (ce/cette), clothing vocabulary, clothing color, clothing material, activities they could do in the clothing, and the seasons they could wear the clothing in, all this as a part of a thematic unit, my students are learning at this time.” Also, as a closure of the event, they had a beautiful and excellent performance from students of Audio Technology, conducted by Mr. Figuereo.

Mr. Bejerano wants to thank our Art Teacher Jillian McNamara, our Audio Technology Teacher Wilkis Figuereo and our Technology staff Wise Rodriguez, for their great support and success of this event. 

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