County Prep Champions in Culinary Arts

Every year in March the Culinary Arts schools compete for the best student chefs in the state. This year Isabella Del Monte, Karielys Gonzalez, and Grace Yueng competed in the Skills MRE challenge. They were not alone; 13 other schools were in the competition. The three student chefs were able to put together a three-course winning meal. This is the fourth year in a row County Prep has metaled in this event.
Congratulations on your 2nd place Silver Medal!

Just down the hall Selvin Larious was competing in the Skills Food Service event. He was required to make a Waldorf Salad, a Mediterranean Tuna wrap with Coleslaw, and a Raspberry Mousse. He completed all tasks with time to spare. Selvin practiced for this event daily for the past two months. All his work and dedication paid off.
Congratulations on your 2nd Place Silver Medal! 

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