County Prep Dance Celebrates 15 Years with Alumni Performance

Ms.Heather Warfel Sandler proudly announces an alumni concert featuring graduates of the County Prep Dance Program.  The program is celebrating its 15th year under Ms.Warfel-Sandler’s direction. This promises to be a special night, with over 15 graduates who are still actively studying and performing in dance, music, and theater.  It is also an opportunity for former students to return to the stage where many of them had their start, and to see the ongoing renovations of the dance performance space at County Prep.  
“There has been so much development in dance and the arts here at County Prep during the past 15 years, and all of our students have played a role in that.  Each year I learn from my students and incorporate new ideas and approaches based on their input.  They have gone on to become professional dancers, choreographers, actors, singers, and all around creative and conscientious members of society.  The success of our program will be recognized in the myriad ways that studying dance has enhanced the lives and careers of these young adults.”
Don’t miss this rare event!
Friday, January 8 at 7pm
County Prep High School
Synergy Theater

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