County Prep Alumna Maria Stefania Lorefice Speaks to Cosmetology Students

A special thank you is extended to Maria Stefania Lorefice for speaking to our freshmen and sophomore classes on careers in Cosmetology and Entrepreneurism on June 7th.  Maria completed County Prep’s Cosmetology program in 2010 and attributes much of her success to Ms. Donofrio’s guidance throughout her four years of high school.   While networking over the past couple of years, she decided to create not one, but two fashion show projects in addition to her very first fashion show project during junior year in high school. 

In her own words, “As a color artist educator, the opportunity to express entrepreneurship to fellow students at County Prep High School was a priceless experience.  The passion, the love and the creativity these young adults have, I was able to relate and envision along side with them.  Being in front of the class, made me feel so courageous to express how success is defined in the eye of the beholder.  I hope I can re-live this experience for it was not only touching for the students, but a great accomplishment for myself.  Thank you County Prep students and staff for my attendance. This is a memory that will forever stay with me.

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