Board Trustee Supports Overseas Training for Vocational Educators

October 15, 2015 (North Bergen, N.J.) – Andrew Campbell, HCSTF Board Trustee, financially supported the efforts of two High Tech High School vocational teachers, Gregory Simon and Zachary Bolich, in their efforts to be among the first Americans to receive a Level 1 Siemens Certification in Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems, announced HCST Foundation Executive Director, Linda J. Quentzel.

Mr. Simon and Mr. Bolich, who teach Architecture and Wood Technology, respectively, in the Digital Design & Fabrication Academy (D|FAB) at High Tech High School, began their training on October 5, 2015, in Berlin, Germany. According to Siemens, the training “is an academic, comprehensive industry skill program delivered through partner schools around the world via the train-the-trainer model.” Mr. Simon and Mr. Bolich’s training will focus primarily on the manufacturing processes and efficient operating procedures of preconfigured Computer Numerical Control devices. Frequently known as CNC devices, these machines convert computer-aided design software into numbers to control the cutting and shaping of materials.

High Tech High School Assistant Principal, Allyson Krone, says of the endeavor, “The Siemens training is rigorous but essential to keeping our manufacturing and design students at the forefront of workplace technology. I am exceedingly grateful for Mr. Campbell’s progressive approach to industrial technology and his continued support of our program.” Frank J. Gargiulo, HCST Superintendent, says the opportunity for teachers is vital to the district. “Vocational teachers have the distinct advantage of historical and practical knowledge. But as technologies change, so goes the industry. It is an imperative for this—or any—vocational district to ensure their instructors are given access to train with and experience the latest technologies in their fields.”

HCST Foundation President, Daniel Gans, adds, “The community at large benefits from good teachers who know the latest trends and technologies in their fields. If we are going to support a vocational model, we must support our educators beyond the classroom.” Linda J. Quentzel, Executive Director of the HCST Foundation expressed her gratitude for Board Trustee Campbell’s efforts. “Andrew has once again demonstrated his commitment to this district— the students, teachers, and community at large—by providing the necessary financial support for HCST to remain at the forefront of industrial developments in technology.”

Andrew Campbell is the CEO of Eastern Millwork, Inc., and is the industry leader of the Force21 program, a coalition of industry partners and High Tech High School whose goal is to deliver industry-focused, 21st-century talent across educational levels from high school to university to the workforce.

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