AV Brothers Receive First Official Editor Credits

Two brothers from County Prep’s Audio Visual Production Program receive official editor credits from the Hurley Family Foundation. Coach Bob Hurley from St. Anthony’s High School runs an after-school basketball program with his wife and volunteers three days a week. Hurley raises a budget on his own to pay for gym rental to keep the clinic free for kids.

While in quarantine, Trajan Bernardo and Kai Bernardo have been working hard with the Hurley Foundation to edit a series of short demo videos. The 10 videos include drills and exercises that the kids typically do at the clinics to keep them moving while at home. Kai and Trajan also added highlights from the Hurley Foundation Team games that showed how these drills benefit actual game play.

County Prep freshman Kai Bernardo did the majority of the edits on Adobe Premiere Pro, while big brother Trajan Bernardo, a junior at County Prep, edited and mentored Kai throughout the project. The Hurley Foundation was extremely impressed with the skills, stating “our AV guys are really incredible.” Both students enjoyed working with the Hurley Foundation and hope to do more fun projects with them in the future!

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