Tyler Riscoe, an AV Pro Student At CP, Wins Award at Film Festival

Tyler Riscoe, an AV Pro Student At CP, Wins Award at Film Festival

County Prep’s AV Production student Tyler Riscoe took home the Best Social Awareness Award at the 2022 Revolution Me Film Festival for his documentary based on a bus driver at County Prep High School.

The documentary Vinny, details the life story of bus driver Vincent Fano at Country Prep, documenting his past, occupation, and wisdom.

The festival was held in Brooklyn for three days, from September 29th to October 1st, alongside a film screening and a live Q&A panel. When asked about what he learned from his experience working on the documentary, Tyler answered,

”It helped me appreciate my bus driver, the art of filmmaking, and the complexities to humans.” Explaining how “our view of bus drivers are so simple. I hope with this film, I could shed a light on everyday people like Vinny." He also stated, “From the beginning, I wanted to create a sense of serenity in order to strengthen the intimacy between the subject and viewer.“

Although it was a class project, Tyler’s debut short film has also received official selection at seven other festivals. Some of which include Lane Doc Fest (Tennessee), Kalamata Monthly International Shorts (Greece), and Broadway International Film Festival (Los Angeles).

Vinny (Award Winning Documentary Short Film)

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