Student Council Welcomes New Members

By: Lorianne Andrades Edited by: Arianna Mejias

The new members' meeting was an absolute success. Evident in the trailing line outside of the ITV room, students from every grade eagerly awaited to get checked in. After their introduction to Student Council, the students filtered into the cafeteria to check out the individual committees. A few members of each committee—banner, journalism, battle of the classes, movie night, concessions, intramurals, and general questions—stood by their respective table ready to answer any incoming questions. A frequently asked question was whether or not a student could be a part of multiple committees, and the answer is yes! Upon hearing the answer, students could be seen excitedly signing up for two committees. The genuine interest and potential of the new members' is beyond amazing . We're all eager to the great things to come of the merger between the old and new members.

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