Sophomores Take Home the Trophy in County Prep’s 4th Annual Battle of the Classes!

On Thursday, January 17th, the fourth annual Battle of the Classes was held by County Prep High School’s Student Council. This highly anticipated event was coordinated by seniors Karishma Patel and Mike Chaitoo alongside Student Council advisors: Mr. T. Carey, Mr. J. Carey, Ms. Torres, Ms. Granato, and Ms. Nardone. It was hosted by Jahn Camac and Sirena Morales, both seniors. Originally started by class of 2017 alumni: Kishan Patel, Patricia Ramirez, and Joseph Mamaril, the event was only open to 300 students due to the size of the previous school gym. Since then however, BOTC has grown tremendously and has become one the of most anticipated events of the year. Now, the competition can accommodate for over 250 participants and 500 spectators due to the new gym addition.

Traditionally, there is a new theme implemented each year and this year’s theme was Superheroes. With the Freshmen as Teen Titans, Sophomores as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Juniors representing the Justice League, and the Seniors representing the Avengers, each class created a unique team banner that really was a sight to see. Each class banner allowed the teams to receive points that contributed to their overall score. These banners were judged by several teachers, including Mrs. DiSanto, Ms. Rubio, Mrs. Patten, and Ms. Mulrain, all of whom have a background in art or creative abilities.

Before the activities began, I was able to speak with a few students, both participants and spectators, to ask them a few questions. Laila Durrani, a senior that has participated all four years, said that training for the competitions year after year has brought the senior class closer together: “I think everyone should participate at least once before they graduate, it's a day you'll look back on and remember just like prom.” Sarah Sookram, a junior, said that her favorite event has always been the class dances because they allow the most creativity. She says she would love to see sumo wrestling as an event in future years.

Battle of the Classes is one of the many events at County Prep that brings students all together and raises school spirit. The atmosphere of the entire event truly was electric. The crowds of supporters, each dressed in their class colors, is a sight to behold. Each aspect of the event allowed students with different talents to shine through, from using their creative abilities in the banner, to using their athletic abilities to compete in the relays.

With the sophomores and seniors neck and neck, the tug of war momentarily put the seniors in first place. It all came down to the class dances to determine who will be the winners of the night. Thanks to their impressive step- dance routine the sophomores were put in first place once again with 121 points. Congratulations to the Class of 2021 and their advisors, Mr Aguiar, Mr. Thompson, Miss Gangala and Mrs. Winter!

By: Sara Beshai

Video produced: Cyrill San Gabriel & Can Sark
Seniors in our AV Production Dept.

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