Rewan Ahmed annd Humna Amjad

NJ HOSA Scholarship Award

During the State Leadership Conference Awards Ceremony, it was announced that Rewan Ahmed, President 12th, received $3,000 and Humna Amjad, Parliamentarian 12th, received $2,000 for the NJ HOSA Scholarship Award. The NJ HOSA Scholarship Award was open to all secondary students contemplating post-secondary education all over NJ and only 5 winners were selected.

In order to receive these scholarships, there was an application process. This process included filling out an application, submitting a personal essay, sending in an official transcript & grade verification, submitting 3 letters of recommendations, proof of application or acceptance into an appropriate program, submitting a 5-minute video answering the HOSA Scholarship Interview questions, and submitting an optional activities list.

With our HOSA chapter being filled with so many notable members, it is no surprise that two officers from our chapter won the NJ HOSA State Scholarship Awards. These students were awarded for their commendable achievements within HOSA and their active participation in community service, leadership roles, and their dedication to strive for excellence. They were congratulated by many and with these scholarships, they will be able to use them towards their college education and move forward in their pre-health pathway.

Written by Rewan Ahmed and Humna Amjad.

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