CP’s Student Council presents 3rd Annual Game Night!


County Prep’s Student Council held their Third Annual Game Night. The event was held on Friday, March 22nd and hosted by Murium Whala, Habiba Atta, and Mariam Girgis. The event was bustling, with students working their way from one game to the next. The games played during Game Night included Pie Face Game, Jenga Charades, Twister, Headbandz, Uno Attack, Just Dance 2019, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Wii Sports, Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spit (card game), Air Hockey, Cup Pong, and lastly Ninja. These games began at 3:30 and lasted until 5:30. Each individual game gave you tokens (the amount of tokens received per game varied), and, in the end, the people with the most tokens won prizes. In fourth place, Juan Garcia who won a groot bobble head. In third place, Karlene Balatbat won a Visa gift card for $25. In second place, Rowie Rosita won a candy basket. And lastly, in first place, Jeremy Purino who won a $25 AMC gift card along with a fuzzy blanket and a box of popcorn. Game night was a huge success! Student council would like to thank everyone who participated.
By: Malaika Aziz
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