County Prep Students Learn the Value of Holocaust Survivors’ Stories

(February 18, 2021) -- County Prep 9th graders in Ms. Taryn Ashe’s World Literature classes had an enriching experience learning about the Holocaust. After reading the graphic novels Maus I and Maus II by Art Spiegelman, students listened to survivors’ podcasts on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum website. To deepen the students’ learning experience, Ms. Ashe invited County Prep instructors Ms. Stacie Wein and Ms. Rebecca Zlotnik to speak about their family members who survived WWII and the Holocaust. Over 40 students attended the virtual chat which was hosted by 9th grader Alicia Henry. Students were able to submit questions ahead of time and Alicia moderated the talk eloquently. Ms. Wein, who teaches American Sign Language, spoke of her aunt Irene Zisblatt, a survivor of Auschwitz, and her grandmother Anna Zydowsky who spent time in a labor camp. Ms. Zlotnik shared the story of her mother, Klara Weiser, who along with her two sisters survived Auschwitz. Students expressed how these first hand stories contributed to their understanding of events they previously only read about. Students then wrote persuasive essays arguing for the importance of including oral history in the study of the Holocaust. Ms. Ashe and her students would like to express their gratitude to Ms. Wein and Ms. Zlotnik for taking the time to speak so candidly about their relatives’ experiences.

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