County Prep Dance Residency Performance Highlights Diversity

As part of County Prep's Choreographers In Residence Program (CHIRP), Spring 2019 resident Stephen Galberth has curated an evening of dance called theLAB.theLAB is an experimental space where choreographers of color can openly create with dancers. This series theLAB will present Experiment A: Color Stories, showing works by Beatrice Capote, Antonio Brown Dance, Shay Bland, Ma'atworks Dance Collective, and SGalberth, at the Theater at County Prep High School.  This will be an evening of exceptional and innovative dance!
County Prep Dance Director Heather Warfel Sandler welcomes everyone to the show.  "We are very fortunate to offer a space where diversity and creativity are valued. Our young dancers and students have the opportunity to see themselves refelected in the performers and the work, making a powerful impact on their capacity to envision their own success."