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Mr. Grele -- Mondays -- Room 406

The SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit student organization that serves students enrolled in career and technical education training programs at our nation’s public high schools and colleges.  County Prep’s SkillsUSA chapter complements technical skills training with instruction in the employability skills that make a well-rounded worker and citizen. Students involved with SkillsUSA plan and carry out projects that focus on the needs of our campus and community.


Ms. Garrett  -- Every other Wednesday -- ITV Room

HOSA – Future Health Professionals is an organization dedicated to enhancing the delivery of healthcare and promoting education and leadership to provide quality, compassionate health care for the community. Students in HOSA develop effective communication skills, leadership skills, enhanced health science education and personal growth and confidence. Students work with community and national agencies such as NJ Blood Services, Autism Speaks, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, The American Diabetes Association, among others, to raise awareness and funds to support these services. Food drives, clothing drives, the tooth fairy project and book bags for the new school year are projects to help our local community.  Students participate in competitive events that allow them to visit other Career and Technical Education facilities and afford them the opportunity to network with other students and professionals in the health care field, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and proficiencies. Students compete with others from across the state and if they are eligible they may compete at the national level in June with students from across the nation. HOSA helps students develop into competent, confident, and caring professionals ready to handle their careers in the future.

Key Club

Mr. Greco  -- Every other Thursday -- ITV Room or Room 212

Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels

Each year, Key Club International teams up with its three partner organizations, March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network and UNICEF, for th fundraising element of the Major Emphasis. As you plan your club’s service programming for the year, keep these organizations in mind. Each Key Club is encouraged to participate with our partners as we join together to make a difference in the lives of children.

Interact Club

Mr. Schwamberger -- Thursdays -- Room 212

The Interact Club is a high school chapter of the International Rotary Club with a focus on community service and leadership.  We organize and participate in numerous events, including fundraising for local non-profit organizations, and spearheading food and clothing drives for affiliated local groups.

Poetry Club

Mr. Schwamberger -- Fridays -- Room 212

The County Prep Poetry Club provides young writers with an opportunity to hone their craft and develop their voice. Each year culminates with publication of our literary magazine, Reflections of The Teenage Mind, an an open mic event. Writers are also given freedom to write and develop short stories, essays, and songs in addition to poetry.

Ski and Snowboarding Club

Mr. Collins

The Ski and Snowboarding club provides students with the opportunity to experience the sport of snowboarding and skiing at Mountain Creek Ski Area in Vernon, NJ. Experience is not necessary, as we welcome skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Lessons, lift tickets, lunch and equipment is provided in the cost of the trip. Our Culinary Arts department always makes nice treats for the ride up to the mountain.

Art for the Stars

Ms. Rubio -- Wednesdays -- Room 401

The Art for the Stars Club focuses on key elements of art to create different and unique pieces. Students are able to express themselves through painting, sketching, and the use of other tools. Equipment is always provided and students are able to display their artwork in the club’s classroom and around the school.

The Chess Club

Mr. Lieberman -- Thursdays -- Room 218

Chess players with all levels of experience are welcome to participate in the Chess Club. This extracurricular club meets once a week, allowing students to learn, laugh, and of course play chess. Students will learn the rules and various strategies of the game while playing against other members.

Chapter Chat

Ms. DeGise & Ms. Termine -- Fridays -- Room 201

 Chapter Chat is a book club where the students meet once a week after school to discuss books of all different types of genres.  The students nominate a book choice to read and then as a group we pick a book to read together as a club.  Students discuss their favorite books of all time as well as current books they may be reading.  This allows other readers to learn of new books as well as hear about the different perspectives each reader has about a book.  Sometimes we will watch a movie that was adapted from a book to see both the differences and similarities.

Game and Interactive Media Club

Mr. J. Carey -- Thursdays -- Room 403

The Gaming & Interactive Media Design Club focuses on the design and development of interactive media, including computer and video games. This club includes instruction in theory of games, turn-based games, real-time games, visual and interactive design, story development, and tabletop games. Throughout the program, students will also study the specific genres of gaming and each console generation.

Audio Visual Club

Mrs. Martinez -- Wednesdays -- Room 402

The Audio Visual Club meets once every week in Room 402. In here, students are able to work with audio/visual equipment to gain a learning experience about script-writing, filming, editing, etc. The club provides students who do not take the course a glimpse of TV production. Prior experience is not necessary.

Business and Technology Club

Dr. Abbasi -- Mondays -- Room 309

The purpose of this club is to provide a place of information exchange where students can benefit from each other’s knowledge and interest in modern day business developments and advances.  Students will be able to trade information and work collaboratively to connect to the current business world and, in particular, gain an understanding of how technology is being used multi-directionally to change the way the business sphere works in the future.  The club will emphasize attending expos & conventions and participating in business/technology-related competition to provide students with a first-hand link to the real-world field.  Membership is open to all County Prep students.  Feel free to join this club whether you are a newbie or a veteran to business, so you can learn how business/technology is geared to affect your life in the very near future and beyond.

Middle Eastern Cultural Club

Dr. Abbasi -- Tuesdays -- Room 309

The fundamental purpose of the Middle Eastern Cultural Club is to educate and increase student awareness about Middle Eastern culture and its characteristics. Under the ceiling of County Prep High School, we will introduce the Middle East’s rich cultural and religious heritage to the student body of County Prep HS, and also act as a bridge between the community at County Prep and the communities of the Middle Eastern World through fundraisers and events. We will converse in both Arabic and English to encourage native Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers alike to participate and learn. A typical meeting may include watching an Arabic movie, learning a dialect from a native speaker, exploring cultural food/refreshments, and cultivating relevant discussions. All County Prep HS students are encouraged to come!

French Club

Mr. Marie -- Mondays -- Room 216

The French Club is opened to high school students who are currently enrolled in a French class or have completed French 2 or 3. Our goal is to give an opportunity to students interested in French and Francophone culture to meet and organize activities promoting French culture. Joining the French Club is good way to discover French music, cuisine, art, movie as well as as talking about French sports and news report from France and around the Francophone world.

Dance Company

Ms. Warfel -- Fridays -- Room 407

The 407 Dance Company is an Advanced Class and Performance Group.  The company meets every Friday from 3-5:30 under the direction of Resident Guest Artist Meagan Woods and Instructor Heather Warfel.  All dance majors are eligible to audition for the club.

Rainbow Alliance Club

Mr. T. Carey -- Every other Wednesdays -- Room 221

The Rainbow Alliance aims to promote full acceptance of all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Our work involves providing support, building community, taking action to create change, education, and advocacy.  The goal of our group is to create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ students and allies by cultivating mutual respect, open discussion and a common vision of social equality.

Public Speaking Club

Ms. Singer -- Wednesdays -- Room 322A

What elements make a speaker exciting? The Public Speaking Club bases its activities upon this essential question. Oral communication is an ancient art that has transformed itself through time, and 21st-century media has developed global speaking arenas, such as TED Talks. Members will develop their own talks and presentations, building skills by using tools that will enable them to speak confidently in public. Activities also include debate, developing speeches for targeted audiences, and oral interpretation of literature.

New Jersey Science League

Mr. Ramos

The New Jersey Science League is a state-wide competition that is open to all public and private high schools. The league offers competitions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, AP Physics 2, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C. Representative from participating schools with take a test in January, February, March, and April. When the competition culminates in April, the scores will be tallied and awards will be given to the top finishes in each of the subject areas.

Talent Show

Ms. Warfel

The County Prep Talent Show is an annual event showcasing music, dance, theater, poetry, and all types of performance.  All County Prep students are welcome to audition, and from the audition 15-20 acts are selected to perform.  Students participate in formal audition and rehearsal processes.  The Talent Show is judged by professional performers and awards are given for Most Skilled, Most Creative, Most Entertaining, and Best Overall.

Outdoor Activity

The Outdoor Activity club provides opportunities for students to attend low cost live sporting events and participate in outdoor activities.  The club is mostly known for its annual whale trip, a 17 year County Prep tradition that has created many lifelong  memories for students and teachers.

Theater Club

The County Prep theater club was established in 2001. The club raises money and supplements the cost of theater trips so students can attend Broadway, Off Broadway and regional theater events at minimal expense. Since it’s inception in 2001 the County Prep theatre club has taken students to well over 400 live theater events.